Expert Services in Insurance Claims

Our expertise extends to acting on behalf of insurance loss adjusters, where we have played a pivotal role in several international “mega projects,” some with a staggering value of up to $18 billion. In these engagements, we have been entrusted with providing independent and expert advice on programme management, as well as conducting meticulous assessments of DSU (Delay in Start-Up) insurance claims on behalf of loss adjusters.

International Endeavours

Our portfolio proudly includes participation in significant international endeavours, such as a coal-fired power station project in Africa and various Renewable energy initiatives in the Middle East. These projects required us to undertake comprehensive assessments of LEG 2 DSU claims, ensuring that insurers received accurate and reliable evaluations.

Independent Assessment for Timely Resolution

In these complex scenarios, our role is to provide an unbiased and independent assessment of time-related matters associated with LEG 2 insurance claims. We focus keenly on critical path analysis and concurrent delay events, conducting a meticulous forensic delay analysis to provide a comprehensive expert report.

Collaborative Resolution Strategies

Our services go beyond assessment; we actively engage in discussions between all parties involved. We facilitate dialogue on programme risk mitigation strategies aimed at minimising DSU penalties and Liquidated Ascertained Damages. Our aim is to support constructive and efficient resolutions that benefit all stakeholders.

Contact Us for Construction Insurance Claim Support

If you are dealing with construction insurance claims and require expert guidance to navigate these complex matters, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our team is dedicated to providing invaluable assistance, whether you represent the contractor, the client, or the insurer. We are committed to helping you achieve a favourable resolution while safeguarding your interests.

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