Our marine works expertise extends to handling challenging civil works projects involving unforeseen ground conditions, specifically in the realm of deepwater berth and marina redevelopments. One standout accomplishment includes our role as a programme consultant for a national deepwater port redevelopment project, executed under the parameters of an NEC 4 Type contract.

Holistic Programme Management

In this capacity, our mission was to meticulously programme every aspect of the project, from procurement to final delivery. Given the clarity and specificity inherent in NEC 4 contracts, we were well-equipped to align our programme with the contract requirements, ensuring seamless project execution.

Collaborative Project Delivery

One of our key contributions was providing steadfast support to marine contractors throughout the construction phase. This involved overseeing multiple framework sub-projects, including the redevelopment of berth walls, marine geotechnical drilling, and extensive waterway dredging. Our collaborative approach fostered efficient and timely project completion, benefiting both the Employer and the Contractor.

Mitigating Risk and Enhancing Progress

Our holistic approach yielded another significant advantage: the ability to monitor and report progress effectively, allowing for the proactive mitigation of risk-related ‘Early Warnings’ and compensation events, as stipulated in the NEC 4 contract.

Your Partner in Marine Dispute Resolution

If you find yourself embroiled in marine-related construction disputes or require expert guidance in this complex domain, we stand ready to assist. Our team is committed to providing tailored solutions that align with your project’s unique needs and challenges.

Contact us today to explore how our specialised expertise can contribute to the resolution of marine disputes and the successful execution of your projects.