Leading in Wind Energy Solutions

For over a decade, we have been at the forefront of addressing complex challenges in the world of onshore and offshore windfarms. Our focus spans the vast expanses of the North Sea and the English Channel, where we have tirelessly represented EPC Contractors in arbitration hearings and various disputes.

Navigating Choppy Waters

Working on a live offshore wind project has endowed us with firsthand experience and an acute understanding of the unique risks inherent to these endeavours. Time-related disputes frequently rear their heads due to a delicate interplay of contractual, legislative, and environmental constraints. Missed milestones, such as the pivotal ‘Sail-Away,’ or interruptions during winter installation operations at sea, can have profound repercussions.

Complexities at Every Turn

Sometimes, it’s not just one contractual constraint but a combination of several that leads to disputes. This complexity can exacerbate the challenges faced by both claimants and defendants, particularly when dealing with concurrent delay issues.

Project Stages and Global Footprints

Construction disputes in the realm of onshore and offshore wind energy are not confined to a specific project stage. They can emerge during engineering, procurement, construction, or commissioning, underscoring the need for expert guidance at every step.

Furthermore, the global nature of these projects often involves the manufacture and assembly of components in diverse corners of the world, introducing additional layers of risk and potential delays.

Onshore Wind Farms: A Global Perspective

Our expertise isn’t confined to offshore ventures. We have a track record of providing solutions to international onshore wind farm disputes, including projects in Indonesia governed by FIDIC Red Book contracts.

Mitigating the Risks of Time-Related Damages

Our services have proven invaluable to clients by assisting in assessing, mitigating, and resolving the likelihood of time-related monetary damages. Our deep understanding of the intricacies of wind energy projects positions us as trusted advisors, ensuring the preservation of project timelines and financial interests.

Your Navigator in Wind Energy Disputes

If you find yourself navigating the turbulent waters of onshore or offshore wind energy disputes, our team is your steadfast partner.

Contact us today to explore how our specialised expertise can help you chart a course to resolution and the successful execution of your projects.