Motorway Bypass Arbitration

Matthew acted on behalf of the claimant. Matthew was requested to provide a detailed claim narrative and associated forensic delay analysis to substantiate the contractors claim.

The project was a primary route bypass. The late possession by the claimant of a particular chainage led to a severe impact to the earthwork’s activities and utility diversions within the contract programme. The claimant had planned and programmed to undertake the earthworks in two seasons. Notwithstanding this, the delays suffered by the claimant prolonged the works insofar that it took an additional season and had a considerable impact on the claimant’s performance to undertake the works diligently and achieve contract programme milestones, including practical completion.

Working with the claimant’s team, Matthew assessed the retrospective and contemporaneous project records of the project. He provided a highly detailed report and delay analysis to support the claimant in the hearing.