Mediation for Airport Construction Dispute

Matthew acted on behalf of the claimant. Matthew was requested to ‘simplify’ the claimant’s time-related delays for a mediation hearing regarding design-related cost overruns.

The mediation concerned an international airport. The defendant issued multiple design variations that impacted the claimant’s ability to perform the works under the contract duration. The weathertight milestone date of the new airport terminal building was severely impacted. The claimant had undertaken a comprehensive and detailed delay analysis. Still, due to the short timescale of mediation, the claimant had a short window of time to demonstrate the project’s delays to the mediator.

Working with the claimant’s team, Matthew assessed the claimant’s submission and claims delay analysis. He then provided a summary report and presentation to support the claimant in the hearing. This had a positive result for the mediator and defendant in understanding the critical delays that were suffered on the project.